Cat Balco

Instagram: @catbalco

Upcoming Shows:

Get Loose: Cat Balco, Ben Godward, Jason Rohlf
Rick Wester Fine Art
526 West 26th Street Suite 417 NYC

Curated by Tracy McKenna

Opening June 7, 2018

State of Abstraction
Washington Art Association
Washington Depot, CT

Co-Curated by Daphne Anderson Deeds and Jacquelyn Gleisner

Connie Pfeiffer, Bob Knox, Olu Ogibe, Tim Prentice, Roxanne Faber Savage, Janet Lage, Howard El-Yasin, Ryan Paxton, Joe Fucigna, Elizabeth Gourlay, Suzan Shutan, Zachary Keeting, Julia Coash, Cat Balco, David Livingston and Hong Hong

May 5 - June 16, 2018
Opens May 5, 4pm - 6pm